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Allure O' & Flair O' Collection

Allure O’ table and Flair O' chair, designed by Monica Armani are an homage to Jackie O' glamourous and iconic style, interpreted in contemporary style. The graceful force of Allure O’ design is clearly seen in the shape of the top and the balance between the control of straight lines and sinuosity of curves. The Flair O' chair, matches the Allure O’ table perfectly. The two objects establish a dialogue starting from their bases. Both pieces sit atop a truncated pyramid with rounded edges to reconcile the concepts of elegance and charm.

Monica Armani designer B&B Italia
Behind the design with

Monica Armani

Italian designer and architect

Born in Trento, Italy, Monica Armani’s own study in architecture evolved into a distinctly disciplined approach to her design process: Design in Molecules. Years of global experience has systematically identified these molecules, and the success of every project lies in their disciplined application. Monica Armani designs collections of objects and accessories for Italian and international companies. Her collections have become best sellers and references in the sector.

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