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Privacy Notice


This is the website of the B&B Italia branded products, brought to you as part of the Flos B&B Italia Group of companies.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our great design products to you. In order to do that, we are subject to certain rules that protect your personal data and privacy. You will find our extended privacy policy at the following link. This is a summary of our extended notice, by which we wish to draw your attention to certain essential elements.

Products marketed on this website (the “Site”) are sold on behalf of B&B Italia USA Inc (“B&B USA”) by YDesign Group LLC (“YDesign”), acting as merchant of the records for B&B USA. In addition to B&B USA and YDesign, subject to your consent where necessary, your Data may also be processed by B&B Italia S.p.A. (“B&B Italia”) and by the other companies of the “Flos B&B Italia Group” (hereinafter also the “Group”) for marketing and profiling purposes.

In the A) GENERAL PART you will see common rules about how your data are processed by B&B USA, YDesign and B&B Italia as well as by the other companies of the Flos B&B Italia Group. In the B) EU SPECIAL PART you will see how your data are processed, in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) by B&B Italia S.p.A. (“B&B Italia”), also as part of the Flos B&B Italia Group. In the C) US SPECIAL PART you will see how your data are processed in the United States, in accordance with US law, by B&B USA and YDesign.

In some cases, we need your data, because without them we would not be able to perform an order you place through our website (if the Site offers this possibility), or placed in one of our stores or to respond to inquiries you make. Some other processing operations are instead based on our legitimate interest or your consent. In particular, we believe that giving your consent to marketing would be beneficial to you, because for example we would be able to bring you up to date with respect to new product offerings. For the same reason, we seek your consent to profiling. This would enable us to get to know you better and possibly make offers of products especially designed for you.

Naturally, you have a number of rights under this notice and applicable laws. We do care about your privacy. If you need to contact us for further clarity on how we use your data, do contact us at the following addresses privacy@bebitalia.com or privacy@flosbebitaliagroup.com and as specified below.