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With a new striking range of beautiful and functional outdoor furniture, the B&B Italia Outdoor collection combines a vast selection starting from the Borea Collection by Piero Lissoni. Either the outdoor side table or the outdoor sofa were designed to perceive the surrounding nature and aiming the notion of lightness thanks to a very simple architectural sign as the aluminium body and puffy pillows. With its graceful, feminine curves, Crinoline is a collection of outdoor seating that evokes the romantic styles of 19th-century women's skirts. The high-backed outdoor armchair features a spacious, concave base that is echoed in the curvature of the back and the seat: a delicate floral interlacing motif adds a touch of preciousness and romance to the already elegant backrest.

Walking into the outdoor collection, Ribes by Antonio Citterio is a seating system that has been designed with modularity in mind, and puts a strong emphasis on versatility, customization, color and material research. If you are a stripe lover, this modern outdoor sofa collection is the one that fits your space: available in a wide variety of shapes, from the straight to the outdoor sectional sofa. The sofa's base is a futon that rests on an aluminium frame with two types of armrests or backrests that can be attached to the frame as desired. That is why we can arrange it in outdoor spaces that suit personal preferences thanks to the exceptional versatility of the modular components and the covers. The name "Ribes" means transformation, and this seating system is particularly well-suited to areas that are not quite indoors, but not quite outdoors either, such as verandas, shady patios, under a loggia, or on a covered terrace. It provides a fluid approach to the open spaces within a home.

One of the last collections is the timeless, resistant, and durable, both in terms of form and physicality, the Mirto Outdoor. The chairs exude an elegance that transcends time and fashion and is available in both a fixed version with armrests and a folding version that reinterprets the classic director's chair. These chairs feature expertly cut, sewn, and glued edges that create a minimalist design. Mirto Outdoor by Antonio Citterio is a comprehensive outdoor furniture collection, including the dining tables characterized by their pure shape, elegance, and high-quality details, or the modern outdoor lounge chair. Through the outdoor collections, you might fall for the Hybrid collection by Antonio Citterio which offers outdoor modern sofa both in straight and the outdoor sofa sectional sizes. These are typical indoor furnishing elements that, in Hybrid, are given an outdoor interpretation. The last collection available is the Flair O’ and  Allure O’, the Outdoor chair and table collection by Patricia Urquiola. The chairs are characterized by a lightweight aluminum frame completely covered with interlacing polypropylene ribbons created through a meticulous artisanal process, the structure is available in sophisticated shades and is completed by two padded cushions that define the shape and provide additional comfort. The Flair O' Outdoor chair is the perfect match for the Allure O' round outdoor tables which maintain the graceful strength of the indoor version's design. The table is available in square and rectangular tops and has a base frame made of molded cement, such as the small outdoor table, which provides extreme solidity and a look that easily adapts to any outdoor furnishing situation.

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