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Grande Papilio by Naoto Fukasawa

“While thinking of design a new dining chair, I found that at first people sitting towards table, but gradually they relax and change their posture then turn body and finally become not parallel to the chair.

When body became non parallel, centre spine line also be not same as centre line of the chair so body back faces to side of the chair. For this human behaviour, I thought spreading back of chair towards both side. As the result of this back design, seems butterfly spreads its wing, I name it Papilio.

Followed by the dinning chair, with using the same typology and design lounge chair.

For the lounge chair, I thought using this wing like back shape would be fit into the head rest design like covering the head from both sides gives surrounded feeling for relaxation. For the dinning chair, I also realised that people turn their body axis on around their centre of bottom. With this awareness, design this lounge chair in like cutting from swivel conical shape. As the shape is like swivel, this chair has turning function as well. Of course we can also sit towards side. Finally it became sculpture chair like cutting from chunk.”

Naoto Kukasawa

As with the original Papilio chair, and not only due to the zip along the back, the Grande Papilio armchair appears as a single form made of a single material. Its shape is a fluid design carved out of the trunk of an upside-down cone, where the roomy upper part and backrest are truly pronounced, offering the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Equipped with a swivel system that provides a 360° view of the room, this armchair sets itself apart thanks to its organic and statuesque design. The seat also has an ottoman to offer yet another relaxing position.

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