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Charles by Antonio Citterio

“Charles is a tribute to Fifties and Sixties design. In this case, the name obviously refers to that of Charles Eames. I think this is a good way to declare references, similarities, contaminations. I think it’s important not to deny these aspects. Every architect and designer’s work passes through that of others, but too often there is a tendency just to copy: it’s the easiest way. As far as I’m concerned, I try not to copy but to perceive and assimilate aspects specific to the work of great masters. Certain similarities are more in spirit than in fact, which means that there aren’t Fifties or Sixties products similar to Charles. The fact remains however that those products contain the idea of certain elements which I developed in Charles. I’m interested in reproducing the spirit and not just the form and so I think it only fitting to openly declare, even if only in the name, this reference to the spirit.”

Antonio Citterio

A leading piece in contemporary lifestyle, Charles owes its immense success to both its shape and aesthetics,and to the research and innovation that went into its design: values which are part of B&B Italia’s dna and underlying themes in all of its projects. High seat modularity starting with sixteen elements per type and different sizes - this is the concept behind Charles.

The characteristics which have made it a contemporary classic are numerous: a slim but strong structure, thanks to the metal frame embedded in cold polyurethane foam mouldings, a single seating cushion, a light appearance accentuated by the essential design of the “inverted L”- shaped die cast aluminium feet.

The sixteen elements offer a wide variety of linear and corner compositions while the chaise-longue end units make peninsula compositions possible for open spaces.

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