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Where can I browse and download a digital catalogue?

Click here to browse and download the digital catalogue on the B&B Italia website under ‘Catalogues’.

Can alterations be made to a current Product / Model?

All B&B Italia product sold through our eCommerce platform is sold as is – as to order any product outside of the given catalogue – we would suggest making an appointment within our Design Program.

Why can’t I find the B&B ITALIA product I am looking for?

All product offered through our Online program is a selection taken from the Icon Collection.

What payment methods are accepted?

B&B Italia accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit / Debit card
  • Wire transfer​
Does B&B Italia have online exclusive products?

Yes – B&B Italia offers exclusive product that can be identified by a dedicated label found on the said product page.


Where can I find fabric care instructions?

A fabric sample is provided upon delivery of product which details fabric content – as well as maintenance instruction. If unavailable, please contact shoponline.customercare@bebitalia.com with your Order No and / or name purchased under.

How can I find the fabric content?

A fabric sample is provided upon delivery of product – this card will list the fabric content, as well as care instruction. All fabric in our current collection can also be found on each Product page.

Is velvet easy to maintain?

Velvet does require light regular maintenance as to retain the fabric’s unique luster – as the fabric by nature is prone to light crushing of the pile with use and is easily addressed.

To maintain you would use a soft pile brush and light steam held at a distance of at least 6 in – also note to avoid direct contact with the product’s stitching.

Is gamma leather a natural leather?

Gamma Leather is a genuine leather that has been subject to a refining process – and treated with a polyurethane coating for added protection.


Are the Camaleonda modules linked together?

The Camaleonda is module based – and lends the option to build, detract and / or separate the pieces to meet each individual’s own taste.

Can I order additional carabiners?

Besides what is offered on our Online Platform, additional pieces can be purchased through our Design Service – and / or one of our B&B Italia Showrooms.

Is Enia velvet and Licata velvet similar?

Both beautiful in their own way – Enia is contructed of 100% recycled PET fiber – with Licata consisting of more natural fibers – such as cotton, wool and alpaca. Licata would be the more typical velvet – whereas Enia features a rope-like texture and marled feel.

Does Camaleonda contain the “famous” steel structure / Is it produced with the polyurethane moulded technique?

No – the Camaleonda is no longer constructed using the original steel structure – but instead now adheres to a more eco-conscious model in the use of a ‘polyurethane moulded production technique’.

Are the covers easily removable?

Yes – the slipcovers on our Camaleonda, like most of our product has been successfully removed by our clients – however, we always recommend a skilled upholsterer.

What are the different colors of the backrest/armrest referring to ?

They are indicating the two different heights of the backrest/armrest element.

How much does the Camaleonda sofa cost?

The Camaleonda price depends on the composition and the structure. The price range is from 16K to 21K depending on the fabric and modules chosen.

What are the Camaleonda couch sizes?

The standard three-seat sofa is about 38” wide per module, 37 ¾” deep, and about 36 3/8 ‘’ tall. To know more about the specific sizes please refer to the dimensions detail image in the product detail page (Camaleonda straight and Camaleonda Sectional).


Are the modules linked together?

Yes – the modules of Tufty-time are connected by ‘feet’ that secure the pieces to create a sectional – note these feet can be removed if their use is not desired.


What is contained in the seat and back cushions?

The Charles seat cushion contains a mixture of 55% Polyurethane, 35% Down Feather and 10% Polyester fiber.

Why is my almost new Charles sofa and cushions looking crumpled and crushed?

The Charles requires regular maintenance to retain the plush feel and form of the seat cushion as it is comprised of a high percentage of down. This lends to the ultimate comfort of the piece – however, is subject to slight compression if not properly maintained.

The Charles has three points of maintenance – (1) to smooth the seat cover if visible seat marks are present after use (2) to flip the seat cushion on its side lengthwise and bat all areas as to equalize the down – and (3) fluff throw cushions as needed. 

How can I maintain cushions?

Please refer to B&B USA to receive a tutorial video about maintaining cushions of Charles.


Do all the Harbor products have reclining back?

No – this is strictly a design characteristic of the Harbor Laidback.


Can I order new covers?

Yes – however, the UP cover is quite difficult to remove / install – and would need to be addressed by a professional.

Is the UP Junior available in other colors ?

The UP Junior is available in both Red and Yellow – however, only the Red is available for purchase on our Online Platform. In both cases the chain will be red.


Can I select the color of the zip on the back?

No – this detail is an integral part of the designer’s intention for the piece Grande Papilio – and can therefore, not be altered.


What kind of material is Cristalplant?

Cristalplant is a copyrighted composite material produced in Italy to replicate stone. The Link product is produced within a mold – allowing for no joints, and the production of one singular unique piece.


Are the cover easily removable?

Yes – the slipcovers on our Le Bambole collection, like most of our products has been successfully removed by our clients – however, we always recommend a skilled upholsterer.

Is the Fungi Forest a new print?

Yes, the Fungi Forest is a new print from the Stella McCartney Summer 2022 runway collection. It is available for Le Bambole, Bibambola e Granbambola selection.

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