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Product Guarantee

In addition to the Statutory Warranty – applicable only if you act as a consumer – the Seller apply for all its clients its commercial warranty, as follows better defined. 

B&B Italia guarantees the frame of its padded furniture (sofas, armchairs, chairs and beds) for 10 years from the date of manufacture (as stated on the “Product data sheet - Guarantee”). 

These products are covered by the warranty against original defects in manufacturing of the structural parts consisting of the iron frame wrapped in cold foamed polyurethane. 

B&B Italia guarantees the cover, the feet, the materials, accessories and mechanisms making up the product for 26 months from the date of manufacture (as stated on the “Product data sheet - Guarantee”) against any manufacturing defect including lacquering and frame of non-upholstery products. 

In any case, the materials, even if tested for their reaction to light exposure , may be subject to alterations over time due to prolonged exposure to light, washing and ordinary mechanical wear. 

The guarantee refers to original product manufacturing defects and consists of replacement or repair, free of charge, of the unusable or defective parts, ascertained and acknowledged as such by B&B Italia or its representative. 


The warranty does not cover anomalies and spoilage due to: 

  • normal wear over time; 
  • illegitimate use; 
  • inappropriate care with treatments not complying with the enclosed instructions. 


Moreover, the warranty does not cover defects of non-compliance that cannot be attributed to B&B Italia (e.g. incorrect assembling of the product and/or assembling not complying with the assembling instructions).  

This provision also applies to those products that are designed to be installed directly by the consumer, in the presence of correct and exhaustive instructions. 

The warranty shall be forfeited if the products are unassembled, modified or repaired by anyone who is not authorised by B&B Italia. Any intervention made in guarantee does not interrupt the course thereof.  

To exercise the rights deriving from this warranty, the relevant “Product data sheet and Guarantee” shall be forwarded to B&B Italia (to the address stated below) bearing the date of manufacture; therefore, you should retain the “Product data sheet - Guarantee” for the entire period during which the guarantee is valid.  


B&B Italia SpA  

22060 Novedrate (CO) ITALY, Strada Provinciale 32 n.15 


For the purpose of better preserving the product over time it is recommended: 

  • not to jump or sit on the overhanging parts, the backrests and the armrests; 
  • not to drag the product, lifting it instead, so as to avoid damages to the parts resting on the floor; 
  • to protect the product against shocks and contact with pointed and sharp elements and liquids or detergents containing corrosive agents; 
  • to follow the care instructions listed in the specific section of the material enclosed with the product.