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Quality is at the core of B&B Italia's vision. It embodies our dedication to delivering enduring value to our clients and signifies our unwavering commitment to excellence throughout our entire value chain. Quality also guides our approach to relationships with suppliers, rooted in trust, collaboration, and innovation. The pursuit of innovation, research, and excellence serves as the bedrock for all our endeavors at B&B Italia. These principles have always been interconnected with our devotion to fundamental societal values, including respect for the environment and adherence to ethical standards. Our determination to uphold these ideals is ingrained in our corporate culture and reflects in our interactions with both institutions and partners throughout the production process. The consistent and comprehensive implementation of Quality Management Systems stands as the primary instrument for meeting all legal requirements and standards relevant to the Group's export destinations. B&B Italia's products conform to all pertinent legal regulations, including those of Europe and the United States. Throughout the product lifecycle, all categories are rigorously evaluated for their impact on health and safety and their compliance with applicable regulations, with the invaluable support of prominent Italian and international testing laboratories. Throughout the years, our ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation, coupled with our deep commitment to quality and sustainability, has driven our increased focus on sustainable products. In 2019, B&B Italia continued its efforts to incorporate the principles of a circular economy into our production processes. We introduced products distinguished by their exceptional recyclability and ease of disassembly, further cementing our dedication to a more sustainable future.


The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) (License Code FSC-C142045) is an international, non-profit NGO, offering a forest certification system recognised internationally. This certification aims at ensuring correct forest management and traceability of related products. As such, it guarantees that the product is made using raw materials from properly managed wood according to defined principles of sustainable procurement and chain of custody certification. In 2018, B&B Italia started working on unique products produced only with FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) (License Code FSC-C142045) Mix certified wooden components. During 2019, the Company increased the certified product range: from one chair in 2018, the Belle chair, to four product lines: Ayana, Gio and Ravel of B&B Italia collection and Fulgens of Maxalto collection. B&B Italia’s goal is to further increase the application of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) (License Code FSC-C142045) Mix certification to its wooden products, by constantly integrating the list of parts subjected to the certification, with the goal of ensuring the sustainability of the supply of wood.


As part of its commitment to improving products’ recyclability and to promote and include circular economy principles in production and design processes, since 2018 B&B Italia has assessed the circularity properties of some of its outdoor collection products. The Group has been among the first in the furniture sector to evaluate products circularity through a quantitative and comparable assessment carried out by a third-party entity. In addition to the two products assessed in 2018, namely Ribes and Erica '19, both designed by Antonio Citterio, in 2019 the Company evaluated the circularity of two of its new products: Hybrid, designed by Antonio Citterio, and Ayana, designed by Naoto Fukasawa. The products’ circularity was measured in accordance with the Italian guidelines set by the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the Minister of Economic Development. Through a set of indicators, including the recyclability of the input materials and of the products, B&B Italia assessed that Hybrid circularity is equivalent to 66%, whereas Ayana corresponds to 69%. These results can be ascribed to their disassembly properties and to the use of natural and recyclable components. In particular, Hybrid consists of a totally dismantlable structure made of aluminium, while Ayana’s structure, also totally dismantlable, is made of wood.


B&B ITALIA this year has decided to gather the opinions of its Dealers in the world. We are proud to inform, that within a very competitive scenary, B&B ITALIA has obtained the highest score about “most recommendable company” and “net promoter score”, an index that evaluates to what extent users recommend a specific company to their friends, colleagues, relatives.

Nooch collection

Outdoor collection 2023 - Circularity certificates

B&B Italia pioneered the development of an outdoor furniture range, becoming the first in its category to extend the qualities of its indoor collections to outdoor designs. This endeavor aimed to replicate an indoor experience in an outdoor setting, ensuring that product excellence remained uncompromised. Over a span of 15 years, 13 internationally renowned designers have made substantial contributions, resulting in the creation of more than 40 collections. These collections have given rise to a diverse and comprehensive range, featuring striking, iconic pieces capable of satisfying a wide array of style and functional requirements. Some of these collections have left an indelible mark on the world of design, capturing the imagination of enthusiasts and professionals alike, making them the preferred choice for those in pursuit of beauty. Each designer involved has wholeheartedly poured their creativity into the endeavor, bringing forth a unique variety of approaches and solutions. The B&B Italia Outdoor collection is firmly grounded in the values that define B&B Italia's distinct identity and historical legacy. Each collection further develops and expresses these values with unwavering determination, ensuring they resonate equally in indoor and outdoor designs, be it in residential or contract projects.

Le Bambole 50th anniversary

Originally conceived in 1972 and awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 1979, Le Bambole stands as an iconic representation of timeless contemporaneity and an exemplary embodiment of Made in Italy excellence. These chairs have offered a distinct and personal response to the concept of seating. Their uniqueness lies in the apparent absence of a load-bearing structure, the profound naturalness of their shape, and the blend of comfort, softness, and flexibility conveyed by their appearance. Now, fifty years since their inception, Le Bambole has undergone evolution through new design choices that enhance their comfort and sustainability. While the original construction relied on a metal framework ensconced in polyurethane, contemporary materials represent the cutting edge. This includes a structure constructed from recycled polyethylene, along with elements crafted from polyurethane foam and thermoplastic elastomers. These components serve to shape the geometry of the chairs, defining both comfort and breathability. The entire assembly is enclosed by a cover derived from recycled PET. This sustainable project marries the exceptional quality and durability typical of B&B Italia's products with materials and construction methods that facilitate the complete disassembly of Le Bambole's components, making them easily recyclable. These features contribute to achieving significant circularity goals, with 81% for the Bambola armchair and the Bibambola sofa, and 80% for the Granbambola sofa.

Le Bambole armchair white
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Borea by Piero Lissoni

BOREA by Piero Lissoni: sustainability, innovation & design

Design objects are often seen as the brilliant creations of designers and the skilled craftsmanship that brings them to life. We understand that these objects are integral to a cycle that encompasses our lives and the environment.

At B&B Italia, we are committed to continually developing projects that take into account the entire life cycle of a product. This journey begins with the designer's vision, involves material selection and production, and culminates in the user's experience. From the very outset, we consider the end of the product's life cycle, focusing on the recovery and responsible disposal of the materials that comprise it.

In this context, the Borea collection represents an eco-design achievement that combines exceptional design, comfort, durability, and circularity features. It incorporates recycled and recyclable materials that can be easily separated so that, at the end of its life cycle, each individual element can be either recovered or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

The concept of the circular economy thus becomes a sustainability paradigm. It is not merely an abstract philosophy but rather a fresh approach to the design of industrial processes, reflecting our commitment to a more sustainable and responsible future.

Sofas, armchairs, dining chairs

The foundation of our seating collection is built upon lightweight tubular aluminum structures that seamlessly blend fluid, continuous design with functionality and sustainability. Aluminum serves as an excellent choice due to its exceptional strength and durability, and it is entirely and effortlessly recyclable, making it infinitely reusable for the creation of new products each time. The combination of aluminum's lightweight properties and meticulous design ensures that these structures can be efficiently stacked, allowing for compact winter storage. Up to three armchairs, three two-seater sofas, three three-seater sofas, and six dining chairs can be stacked together.

The cushions have sustainability at their core. They are crafted from polyester fiber derived from recycled PET plastic bottles. Recycling 1 kg of PET results in 930 g of new material, yielding a fiber that boasts exceptional softness, elasticity, and durability. This material is entirely sustainable and circular, as it is both fully recycled and recyclable. The recycled polyester fiber finds application in upholstery, waterproof canvas covers, and the yarn used for stitching and zips. The seat cushion is further enhanced by a polyurethane section with varied density, increasing its support capacity. At the end of the product's life cycle, this section can be easily separated and disposed of. For instance, it takes 280 1500 ml plastic bottles to create the upholstery for an armchair, 390 for a two-seater sofa, and 510 for a three-seater sofa.

From recycled plastic to Borea’s new eco-material: the six processing steps

1 - Collection: The process begins with the collection of used plastic bottles, which are then directed to the most appropriate recovery treatment facility.

2 - Sorting: The collected bottles undergo meticulous sorting and washing to eliminate impurities, labels, and adhesive residues. They are organized by polymer type and color, preparing them for the subsequent stages.

3 - Grinding and Processing: The bottles are ground and transformed into flakes. This step yields PET granules, which are depolymerized into their original components and converted into a fresh raw material, polyester.

4 - New Material: This entirely recycled material is subsequently extruded, drawn, carded to create microfibers, and textured into yarn.

5 - Processing: The products generated from the PET recycling chain are employed by B&B Italia for the upholstery of Borea, the fabric of its covers, sewing yarn, and the identification labels of the product.

6 - New Product: The outcome is an eco-designed product that excels in performance, is at the forefront of innovation, and is environmentally responsible.


Our commitment to utilizing innovative recycled materials is evident in the enamelled lava stone tabletops featured in the tables. This unique stone is sourced from quarries on the slopes of Mount Etna and undergoes a meticulous handcrafting process, which involves repeated melting of the raw material. Using a specialized furnace that reaches temperatures of approximately 1300°C, the stone is meticulously restored to its original molten state, and from this, substantial slabs are fashioned into the tiles that comprise the tabletops.

To complete the process, the surface is glazed using an exclusive production method that incorporates a special "eco glass recycled" material. This material is derived from the crushing and grinding of glass extracted from discarded monitors and PCs, ensuring that no resource goes to waste in the creation of these tabletops.

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Camaleonda 2020

The system, originally designed in 1970, is making a comeback after 50 years, speaking a contemporary language that embraces both innovative structural solutions and sustainability. Camaleonda's "sandwich" structure is constructed from recycled or recyclable materials, enabling easy disassembly. The seat, backrest, armrests, and bases are crafted from FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wooden panels, emphasizing ecological responsibility. Supporting the sofa are a series of spherical feet, also composed of FSC® certified beech wood. The padding for the seat, backrests, and armrests features polyurethane with varying levels of density and firmness. The most intricate aspect lies in the seat, where components are meticulously shaped and assembled to foster interaction among layers while ensuring a high level of comfort. These layers generate empty spaces or pockets, purposefully designed to create a comfortable spring-like effect. The engineering and composition of the seat enable the interior elements of the sofa to be easily disassembled, rendering them readily recyclable. Protecting the padding is a removable cover crafted from recycled polyester fabric, exclusively made from recycled PET, the same material used in the production of plastic water bottles. This underscores the eco-conscious approach to Camaleonda's design and construction.

Nooch collection
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