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Pricing and Payments


You can use Master, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.


You should proceed with bank transfer within 24 hours to ensure order confirmation, if payment will not be received within 5 days, the order will be cancelled.

Kindly note that Order quantity will be reserved until payment is received and order is confirmed.

The prices applicable to the Products are those indicated on the Site for each individual Product, except in case of a material and recognizable error as set out in Terms & Conditions (for example prices too high or too low in relation to the prices ordinarily applied for the same Product unless a promotion is active that can explain the price shown on the Site or wrongly calculated VAT or other applicable taxes).  

You are responsible for paying for a Product prior to delivery at the time the order is placed, including the full purchase price, any sales tax, VAT or import/export duties, delivery and installation fees, and any other charges related to the sale of the Product (the “Total Purchase Price”). If for any reason after receipt of the Order Confirmation, you cancel a payment made by credit card or any other means or you otherwise fail to make any payment(s) of the Total Purchase Price, you shall remain liable to the Seller for the full Total Purchase Price and any additional costs incidental to the sale of the item, including but not limited to storage and handling fees if applicable and any costs incurred by the Seller associated with collecting any amount due to the Seller including but not limited to legal fees, default interest rates . 

We reserve the right to modify, at any time, the price of the Products and the applicable delivery costs, it being understood that any changes will not affect in any way any contracts concluded before the change.