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Colin King

chooses Mario Bellini's iconic Bambola armchair for his home in New York

Colin King extended a warm invitation to B&B Italia, graciously welcoming them into his Tribeca abode in New York. Stepping into his minimalist living room, one could sense the deliberate integration of Italian post-modern aesthetics, most notably embodied by Mario Bellini's iconic Bambola armchair. Its playful and distinctive silhouette found a perfect home within his living space, reflecting Colin's profound admiration for Le Bambole.

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Colin possesses a genuine fondness for Le Bambole, and his very first significant purchase upon moving to his previous apartment was a 1970s Le Bambole sofa. A couple of years later, in 2022, it came full circle when he had the opportunity to curate B&B Italia's advertising campaign for the reissue of Le Bambole.